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    Opened in 2006 in response to restrictive federal policies, the NYSCF Research Institute was established to serve as an accelerator for translational stem cell research. Over the past 8 years the laboratory has undergone a significant transformation into a major hub for all forms of stem cell research. One of the major goals for the NYSCF Research Institute is to leverage the promise of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell technology to identify in vitro phenotypes that can be used as a basis for understanding basic biology and use in drug discovery platforms. Another goal is to evaluate how iPS cell derived adult cells can be used directly as therapeutic interventions, for instance to repair bone defects or damaged hearts.


    As one the largest laboratories performing stem cell research and funder of many top external laboratories, NYSCF is uniquely positioned to perceive and address critical issues affecting the field. One major issue that was identified was the need to decrease variation in results obtained using stem cells while providing an industrial scale platform for performing studies on large number of samples in parallel. To address this issue, the NYSCF laboratory built the first-ever automated platform for generating differentiating and establishing reproducible assays using iPS cells. This platform allows researchers to effectively test hypotheses and when appropriate translate basic discoveries into clinical innovations.


    Please explore the NYSCF Research Institute’s website to learn more about our research projects, equipment, and capabilities.


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